NSPCC 'How Safe' Conference 2019

We enjoyed attending the NSPCC’s ‘How Safe’ conference at the end of June. We were so grateful to be able to hear such inspiring and informative talks from academics, professionals and parents on what we can do to protect our children.

We then worked with the NSPCC team to showcase our VR content to over 100 professionals. Attendees ranged from social work and school staff to members of the police, armed forces and civil service. The content, as well as accompanying presentations from Helen Costa and Sara Dawson on how such technology is transforming children’s social care, provoked some really interesting discussions.

We were so glad that all of those who attended could identify ways that the Cornerstone VR content could benefit their day-to-day work and their interactions with the children around them. We look forward to exploring these exciting new avenues.

Many thanks to the NSPCC team, especially to Neel Parti and Helen Baker for their support in facilitating the sessions. Thanks also to our presenters Helen and Sara and all those who participated.