Technology and the Future of Children’s Services: How VR, AI and emerging technology can bring us closer to the children we serve

Cornerstone ushered in the month of July by co-hosting an exciting fringe session at the Local Government Association (LGA) conference in Bournemouth. Helen Costa discussed how technology is being used to improve outcomes in children's services alongside Mark Owers, Government Advisor and co-Author of “Review of Foster Care in England” (2018).

 The event explored the possibilities, ethics and practicalities of bringing emerging technology into children’s services. Highlighting how VR has been bringing us closer to the children we serve.

 Alison Griffin, CEO of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council also spoke to how Southend’s pioneering work with Cornerstone’s VR kit is enabling learning, changing behaviours, and improving outcomes across their borough.

 Attendees included council Chief Executives, council Leaders and Cabinet Members for Children's Services. They were able to learn more about Cornerstone’s innovative work throughout the event itself, the Q&A session that followed, and by experiencing our Virtual Reality technology first-hand.

 Thank you to all those that attended the session and participated. Special thanks to Helen Costa, Mark Owers and Alison Griffin for their useful insights and on-going efforts to improve child care services. 

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