The Cornerstone VR programme offers accelerated learning and understanding of the needs of children in or from the care system when compared to similar training without the use of VR content


VR accelerates behaviour change – improving the relationships between carers/parents and children resulting in greater placement stability (including prevention of breakdown) or enhanced familial well-being.

We show organisations how to enhance the assessment process (adoption, fostering, special guardians) by providing opportunities to examine prospective adopters/ carers authentic responses to the “real” scenarios shown within the VR content.


By providing our VR assisted Trauma Aware Service training (TAS) to schools Cornerstone hope to help staff such as teachers, school nurses, counsellors, and teaching assistants understand childhood trauma and be able to better assist and deliver appropriate interventions. The TAS for Schools programme was created from a need for educators to better understand children who have suffered adverse childhood experiences who often display challenging behaviour which acts as barrier to them being successful. Immersing educators into childhood trauma and neglect is a powerful anecdote to compassion fatigue and a dose of useful and contextual empathy.

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Legal profession

The Trauma Awareness for Legal Professionals training programme will ensure that legal professionals such as barristers, solicitors and judges have an understanding of what trauma and attachment means and how this can have detrimental effects on children and adults they serve. Fewer than 1% of children and young people are in the care of local authorities, but a third of boys and 61% of girls in custody either are in care or have been. Therefore, the need for legal professionals to have greater empathy and practical techniques to use in the workplace will be provided by the Trauma Awareness programme.


Virtual reality therapy rooms

Having time and space to connect with a therapist, especially in a family setting can be very difficult, so connecting to a virtual therapy service from the comfort of your own home has numerous benefits. Cornerstone’s Virtual Reality therapy room service is run by clinical specialists trained to provide a high level of care and specialist techniques to support families touched by the care system. Being immersed in a virtual reality environment can help users to relax, eliminate smart phone distraction and give the therapy session 100% focus, enabling therapy to be more efficient.



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