We  are  a  team  of  social  innovators  who  seek  out,  develop  and  test  effective  solutions  to  some  of  society’s  big  challenges.

The Cornerstone  Partnership  is  a  social  enterprise based  in  London  with  a  mission  to  improve  the  lives  of  children  and  families  touched  by  the  care  system. 

Cornerstone  has  pioneered  the  world’s  first  VR  experience  for  fostering  and  adoption  services  as  well  as  immersive  therapeutic  support  using  social  Virtual Reality  to  help  children  in  the  care  system.  Cornerstone  VR™  harnesses  the  power  of  VR  to  change  behaviour  whether  the  goal  is  to  improve  enquiries  and  conversion  rates  through  to  stabilising  placements  by  generating  “emotional  understanding”  and  empathy  resulting  in  a  positive  impact  on  the  relationship  dynamic  between  the  adult  and the  child.  With  a  more  resilient  adult  child  relationship,  families  can  be  kept together,  and  placement  breakdowns  can  be  avoided.

While VR has been used in therapeutic and research contexts, using VR as a training tool to accelerate behaviour change is something new. After much research, we believe VR can have a major application in social care settings and in addressing a wide range of mental health issues for children
— Helen Costa, CEO

What We've Achieved TO DATE

  • Working with 30+ local authorities to deliver VR interventions

  • Best Immersive Education Company, Immersive Perspectives Award

  • Award Winning experience ‘Window to our World’

  • Described by Ofsted as ‘creative and innovative training,’ contributing to an Outstanding rating