A 1 day training course - limited places available

Includes VR Headset, access to the Cornerstone VR library and full certification

This course is for social workers, therapists and professionals working with children and families.

Where: Central London

When: 27th June (enquire for other dates available)

Cost: £5,000


What is Cornerstone VR?

Cornerstone VR is the revolutionary tool sweeping the country for social workers, therapists and professionals working with children and families touched by the care system. Transporting adults into the child’s world to experience early life trauma “virtually” has a profound and lasting effect on carers’, parents’ and teachers’ attitudes and behaviours towards the children in their care.

Unblocking and stabilizing placements, engendering empathy, providing deep insights for the purposes of assessment, helping adults to make the right choices and respond therapeutically to the children in their care.

How can you use it?

Here are some of the ways you can use Cornerstone VR

  • Pre-assessment & post-assessment

  • Life Story work

  • SGO’s

  • Skills to Foster

  • Placement stability

  • Newly Qualified Social Workers

  • Professionals training

“Today I witnessed the virtual reality programme set up by Cornerstone which puts you into the inner world of a child suffering trauma and neglect. Harrowing, but I hope an immensely powerful tool for social workers”.

Nadim Zahawi, Children’s Minister


‘We’ve been using Cornerstone VR for over a year and found the training and VR content to be invaluable in accelerating the understanding of child trauma and increasing empathy among social workers, foster carers and adoptive parents. We’re using the technology widely and it’s had a positive impact on our recruitment, training, preparation and assessment processes and activities’.

— Lee Pardy McLaughlin, Principal Child and Family Social Worker, Coventry City Council

“The virtual environment recreates the trauma that some children experience in their home lives prior to coming into care in order to better support adoption decision making“
— Extract from Calderdale Ofsted Inspection Report, Nov. 18