D/sruption - 7 Companies Using Tech To Improve Mental Health

Is your business thinking about mental health?

Mental health is a hugely profitable market. Now that the stigma surrounding mental health issues is gradually lifting, more people are considering the importance of wellbeing. Not only is this an opportunity for businesses to build genuinely useful, lucrative products and services, but it has encouraged companies to look at the wellness of their own employees as a driver for success.

Recognition, however, is not the same as a remedy. If anything, mental health problems are becoming more prominent. By 2030, for example, the World Health Organisation estimates that depression will place the largest single burden on healthcare globally… Here are seven organisations trying to do something about it.

5) The Cornerstone Partnership

The Cornerstone Partnership has developed a number of VR scenarios to help people to understand the mental health of children who have experienced the social care system. The initiative, called Cornerstone VR, uses virtual reality scenarios to help viewers understand how abuse impacts children. Being able to understand why people behave as they do as a result of abuse is key to building positive relationships and avoiding future mental health issues. Cornerstone VR provides the world’s first virtual reality experience for immersive therapeutic support and works with over 30 local authorities in the UK. Virtual reality has also been used by Samaritans to help others experience mental health related distress.

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