Forbes - Five Ways VR Is Making The World A Better Place

Virtual reality can change what a person sees, how they think, what they feel and even how they behave. This is because users believe they are present in the virtual environment they find themselves in. The perception of being physically present in a non-physical world is an incredible sensation. It's the reason why VR has been used to treat conditions like autism, PTSD, depression, and paranoia; offer pain relief and even promote recovery in paraplegics.

This powerful tool is changing lives for the better. Here are five examples:

Fostering & Adoption

The Cornerstone Partnership

This social enterprise is harnessing the power of VR to make a change to the fostering and adopting services. Cornerstone VR’s potential to improve decision-making and our understanding of trauma, children’s emotions, and potential triggers -  all of which could help practitioners and policymakers implement more effective solutions - is promising. 

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