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Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech for training and recruitment

We have found an innovative way to use immersive tech for good

Through the use of our 360 immersive films and virtual reality headsets, our training and recruitment model for adoption and fostering allows parents and carers to experience life from the perspective of the child. This unique approach to tackling issues around chidren’s social care is ground-breaking and offers a different way to understand the impact of attachment and trauma – through the eyes of the child.

“While VR has been used in therapeutic and research contexts, using VR as a training tool to accelerate behaviour change is something new. After much research, we believe VR can have a major application in social care settings and in addressing a wide range of mental health issues for children” Helen Costa, CEO

Read an article in The Guardian (November 2017)


Cornerstone’s Virtual Reality Library will offer five episodes of content – from the early stages of recruitment right up until the school years. Episode content is tailored according to the audience. Being Me brings to life the PACE parenting model by stimulating the experience of a child who has come into care and has to get to know new adoptive parents.

For more information and to find out how you can be using the VR Library for your adopters, foster carers and social workers email training@thecornerstonepartnership.com or call 01628 636376 or visit our training page http://www.thecornerstonepartnership.com/training-schedule/


Increasing In-House Fostering Capacity through Housing Solutions – The London Housing Adaptation Scheme for Local Authorities and Registered Providers

We are excited to launch a new innovative funding scheme for London Boroughs and Registered Providers in partnership with the Greater London Authority.

There is currently a shortage of between 800 and 1000 foster placements in the capital and the Mayor of London is committed to help tackle this problem. The aim of the scheme is to address this issue and help London Boroughs provide up to 320 additional in/house foster placements.
The scheme is a partnership between Cornerstone and the Greater London Authority providing recoverable grants to enable London Authorities and Registered Providers to support carers to adapt their homes for additional space for fostering. The total fund available is circa £10.25m and all London based local authorities are eligible to apply.

For more information about the scheme please get in touch with ethan@thecornerstonepartnersthip.com

Support Model for Adoption (Pre and Post Order)

“I think Cornerstone is amazing. I genuinely feel like [the mentor] saved our placement from breakdown. We were absolutely in crisis. I think it should be mandatory to have a Cornerstone mentor … to really make a massive difference to people’s lives.”

Hounslow, mentoring
Source: Coram Evaluation Report 2017

Foster Carer Recruitment and Retention

We offer an “end to end” package of foster carer support to local authorities creating a lasting and sustainable solution.

Cornerstone’s sustainable solution is predicated on bringing the end user perspective into the heart of the service and operates in modules: recruitment, retention, and support. The full programme, including data capture and reporting, runs for two-and-a-half-years.

Results and benefits:

  • Average foster carer enquiries increase by 30%
  • Cost savings of £265k annually as a result of fewer IFA placementsli>
  • Reduced placement breakdowns
  • Robust performance measurement tools
  • Training and support to improve lead conversion
  • Long term sustainable strategy
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london ventures program

Endorsed by the London Ventures programme
London Ventures is an innovation programme focussed on driving sustainable change and transformation across London Boroughs.

Children’s Social Care Consultancy

We have a growing reputation as a delivery partner with Local Authorities and Trusts working alongside in house teams.

Cornerstone are innovating across children’s social care and extending the scope of work.

If you would like to talk to us please call 01628 636376
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Attuned parenting training for private sector

Our pioneering work to bring a more reflective approach to parenting children with trauma can have huge benefits to all parents and families.

The techniques and insights we use to build bonds between families with our restorative parenting programme really work and offer parents an alternative to naughty steps, time out and other punitive behaviour management approaches which can drive a wedge between parents and children.

Cornerstone will soon be offering training to all parents wanting to learn more about how to apply a relationship driven approach to their children as well as packages for businesses wanting to support their employees with children to enhance wellbeing and retention.

If you would like to talk to us please call 01628 636376
Or email enquiries@thecornerstonepartnership.com