Be part of our success story in supporting others on their Adoption Journey

Be part of our success story

in supporting others on their Adoption Journey

We are delighted to announce that Cornerstone is launching our programme of adoption support nationally.  We are seeking experienced adopters who want to work family friendly hours in a hugely rewarding role.

Independent evaluation has shown that Cornerstone’s model of peer-based adoption support offers adoptive families much-needed emotional support as well as hands-on therapeutic parenting skills to build and strengthen parent-child relationship.

Cornerstone is now looking to roll out the model nationally and inviting applicants to come forward to run the support programme in their local area. This is open to adopters who are post-order and who have the time and capacity to support others.

Helen Costa, CEO and co-founder of The Cornerstone Partnership, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for adopters like myself who want to support others on their adoption journey and who perhaps are looking to return to work on a flexible, part time basis.

“We know how much difference our mentoring and restorative training schemes have made to families, social workers and most-importantly children. And we know this can now help so many more people out there. Our peer-to-peer mentoring can make the difference between a stable placement and one at risk of breakdown…and the rigour of the structured mentoring model provides assurance that this is done safely, with in-built protection for all.”

If you are interested please contact us directly on 01628 636376 and send your CV to careers@thecornerstonepartnership.com