Call out for Adoption and Fostering services to join our pilot programme of Restorative Caring Training using VR

Call out for Adoption and Fostering Services to join our pilot programme using VR for training

Are you a forward-thinking innovative local authority wanting to transform outcomes for children in care or on the edge of care?
Cornerstone VR™ is using immersive technology alongside traditional methodologies and interventions in children’s social care to accelerate understanding of trauma and neglect and drive behaviour change in those who care for or have a professional role in supporting children in and on the Edge-of-Care.

We are looking for children’s services departments and adoption and fostering teams to participate in our pilot programme which seeks to explore how the virtual reality experiences can be used to maximum impact in training, education, support and rehabilitation.

The VR films, as featured in the BBC Politics Show (see below) have already begun to demonstrate significant impact in the recruitment and training of foster carers and adopters and Cornerstone is now seeking to explore a wide range of further applications across children’s services.

The pilot programme commences in January with Wave 1 partners but we are now looking to add up to 10 partners for Wave 2 commencing in March.

The goal of the pilot programme is to identify and quantify the impact VR content has in accelerating learning and behaviour change and will build on our early evaluation and analysis. The scope of the pilot is to assess impact in the following areas (noting that not all partners will wish to have involvement in all of these but can select the areas of interest/ relevance.)

  1. The recruitment of foster carers and adopters
  2. As part of initial training for foster carers (skills to foster)
  3. As part of initial training for adopters (preparation group)
  4. Social worker training: for newly qualified to be used as part of their supervision/ training and for existing social workers who could benefit from updating their knowledge of trauma and attachment
  5. As part of assessment of adopters and foster carers
  6. For panel members and IROs
  7. As a tool to create a “pause” at the point of disruption
  8. With the early help team and edge of care work
  9. Running training with schools via virtual head
  10. Local judiciary training on the impact of trauma and attachment

Helen Costa, CEO of The Cornerstone Partnership, said: “ Cornerstone is proud to be pioneering the use of this technology in children’s services as part of our ongoing mission to improve the lives of children and families touched by the care system. We have already begun to see the phenomenal impact this technology has when used in the right way with the right audience and are now looking for like minded local authorities, voluntary and independent agencies to participate in this ground breaking pilot to widen the benefits across the whole of children’s services and transform outcomes for children.”

For more information about the outline of the programme including costs please download Cornerstone VR pilot outline for local authorities

Call Helen Costa on 01628 636376

Or email helen@thecornerstonepartnership.com



“This new technology opens up the world of adoption and foster carers – the experience of actually being that child, being in the womb, being a violent home, and then seeing their journey how it changes everything for a child – that there is a way of helping.  That’s the important message. It’s easy to look at the child and think ‘that’s it’, they are wired for different ways of behaving it doesn’t work, but if we look at what we are looking at bringing in, and that’s a PACEful approach to parenting, then you can rewire the brains, you can change everything”. Social Worker


For me, to give parents, and foster carers and social workers that opportunity of that experience, you could spend years trying to teach it, but something you can get for 6 minutes, with the right support to understand it afterward, is amazing”. Therapist


“The film would have changed my views pre placement and early placement, given me a wealth of knowledge that is priceless, and would have ultimately changed the way I parented, as I would have understood so much more.  The impact would have been significant for us.” Adopter


You can go over as many case reports as you want in training  – and try to think what do you think the social worker should do…but to see it like that ,from the child’s perspective– you can understand a lot more.  Now when a child starts throwing chairs you aren’t thinking  – you aren’t showing respect for my property, you are thinking – this child has been abused, been neglected, you know what they have been through” Foster Carer